3 Common Reasons Dental Bridges Fail Faster Than They Should

When you have a gap in your smile due to one or more missing teeth, a dental bridge is one of the most logical solutions. A dental bridge attaches to one or more of your permanent teeth and has a prosthetic tooth in place to fill in the gaps, which works out well if you don't want to spring for implants. While dental bridges can last for a long time, they can also break, dislodge from their affixed position, or get damaged in other ways. [Read More]

Benefits Of A Dental Cleaning

Twice a year, when you visit your dentist for routine care, you probably receive a dental cleaning. Although this preventive service may seem unnecessary, it actually offers multiple benefits. Here are a few of them.  Better Breath The smell of your breath is dependent on several factors, such as the condition of your health, the foods that you eat, and the microbes in your mouth. Some oral microbes produce smelly sulfur-containing compounds that negatively impact your breath. [Read More]

How Major Overbites Are Fixed In Dentistry

As your child grows up, you might feel concerned if the child has a major overbite that seems to be worsening with age. Overbites are common; however, major overbites can lead to numerous oral issues and issues with self-esteem. If you are wondering how dentists fix this, here are several important things to know. Problems With Having An Overbite While many people have minor overbites, having a major one can lead to a lot of different issues. [Read More]

How To Choose The Right Dental Hygiene Products For Your Child?

While dental hygiene is just as important for children as adults, there's many adult products children shouldn't use. The good news is there's a tremendous amount of dental hygiene products out there for kids. The ones you choose for your child will depend on their age and development. Here's how you can choose the right dental products for your child. Dental Hygiene for the Early Years Infants up to a year in age only require you gently wipe their gums with gauze or a soft washcloth. [Read More]