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A Few Tips For Helping You Young Child With Dental Visits

An important part of your family's healthcare involves regular visits with a dentist. Tooth decay and cavities will have bacteria that can get into the bloodstream and cause infection in other organs. Unfortunately, going to the dentist often causes stress. Many people, especially children, are afraid of the dentist; the instruments and noises can be scary. You will need to find a way to help everyone feel more comfortable during appointments. Here are a few tips that should help.

Family Dentist

When everyone in the family goes to the same dentist, it can help everyone become more familiar with the office, the staff, and the procedures. Make an appointment for yourself, and take your children with you. A family dentist will permit your children to come into the exam room with you for the general examination. This will give them a chance to see what happens so they know what to expect when it is their turn.

Cleaning Appointment

You should ask to have a simple cleaning appointment for your child as an introduction to dental care. Talk with the staff and have them do a simple cleaning, it does not even need to be a complete one with all the different tools. The idea is to get the child used to being in the chair and having someone working in his or her mouth. The child should be shown each instrument and how it works before putting in in his or her mouth.

Books and Toys

To help young children understand what will happen at the dentist's office, find books with stories about having your teeth cleaned and being checked for cavities. Read the books for a few days before any appointment. You can also find toy dental kits. You and your child can play at being the dentist and the patient. Allow the child the chance to be the dentist too. It can also be good fun for other children to get involved and play, especially older children who have already been to the dentist.

Helping your child stay comfortable at the dentist's office will make the visits easier on everyone involved. In addition, it will allow your child to be more receptive to what the hygienist and dentist tell him or her to do. Being properly prepared for what will happen will make sure your child gets off to a good start on his or her dental health.