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4 Reasons To Get That Dental Implant

Have you been missing a tooth that you've been meaning to fix with a dental implant? If so, you may have gone back and forth about if you should have the procedure done or not. Missing a tooth can cause a change in your behavior in odd ways, such as not showing your smile, avoiding foods, and maybe even talking less. Don't let your life suffer due to a missing tooth. Get a dental implant to fix it for the following reasons.

Improved Appearance

A dental implant will look and feel like a natural tooth in your mouth. The implant is anchored to the jaw, which eliminates any chance of the tooth becoming loose or falling out unexpectedly. As long as you continue to practice proper oral care, the dental implant has the potential to last forever. Others will never be able to tell you have the dental implant, since it will blend in seamlessly.

Improved Comfort

Many people try to get partial dentures for a missing tooth, but are disappointed to find that they are uncomfortable and painful at times. The partial denture has the potential to slip out of place, and even fall out in some situations, which makes it uncomfortable and stressful to wear. An implant will stay put at all times. While it may feel odd at first having a permanent tooth placed in your mouth, over time it will eventually be something you do not think about.

Improved Speech

Depending on where you are missing a tooth, you have have noticed your speech suffering as a result. Partial dentures are not a solution either, since they tend to slip and cause you to lose confidence when speaking due to the denture potentially moving. A partial denture can cause you to mumble or slur when you talk, which makes it obvious to others that something is off. An implant will never move, which improves your speech to how it was before you lost the tooth.

Improved Eating

Have you been staying away from your favorite foods because you are missing a tooth? This may be enough to justify getting a dental implant. You do not have to worry about eating fruit like an apple, or even tough meat that requires your teeth to chew through it. A dental implant has the strength and stability to go back to eating all of the foods that you love without compromise.

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