Teeth Whitening Tips For Coffee Lovers

Coffee, to many people, is an essential part of each day. If you are a coffee drinker, you might see your teeth becoming stained as a result of your favorite drink, but you may be uninterested in giving it up. What should you do? Use the advice below to handle staining on your teeth from drinking coffee. Use Some Sodium Bicarbonate Soda Bicarbonate, more widely known as baking soda, is something you might keep in a kitchen cabinet or in your laundry room.

2 Situations Where A Cantilever Dental Bridge May Be The Best Treatment Option

The loss of a natural tooth, whether due to trauma or decay, requires the quick installation of a dental replacement to maintain your bite comfortably. There are a variety of dental replacement options on the market and one of those is a dental bridge, which includes one artificial tooth that is suspended by two crowns that are attached to healthy natural teeth in the area. On a traditional bridge, those crowns are attached to the teeth on either side of the missing tooth for balanced support of the artificial crown.

2 Oral Rinses For Cleaning Your Child's Rapid Palatal Expander

If your child suffers from a malocclusion or a crooked bite, then your dentist may recommend a rapid palatal expander. This orthodontic device is designed to widen your child's upper jaw in order to create a more uniform or seamless fit between their upper and lower teeth. If worn regularly, a rapid palatal expander can be effective in correcting an incorrect bite. However, the device can also attract food and debris.

Can Exercise Cause Dental Implant Failure?

When you're an avid fitness buff, exercising is as necessary as breathing. While regular exercise is important for maintaining good health, there are times when it can actually be harmful. In particular, it may be necessary to cut down on the amount of exercise you get or avoid it altogether when you're getting dental implants. Here's what you should know about this issue.   Strenuous Exercise Can Extend Healing Times

3 Tips For A Pain-Free Recovery Following Wisdom Teeth Removal

About 90 percent of all adults today will have an issue with at least one of their wisdom teeth during their lifetime, according to US News. So if you've recently been scheduled for wisdom teeth removal surgery, you can take heart in the fact that it's a fairly common practice. While the surgery itself is usually painless due to anesthesia, it's the immediate aftermath that often causes a problem for most people.

4 Situations In Which Veneers May Be The Best Option For Whitening Your Teeth

Many people use over-the-counter whitening applications to try and brighten the color of their teeth. However, in some instances, a chemical whitener will not be effective. In such cases, the teeth can still be whitened using dental veneers. Dental veneers are thin pieces of resin or porcelain that can be applied to the front of the teeth to conceal cosmetic imperfections. This means that perfectly white veneers can be applied to cover dental discoloration.

Alternatives To Braces

Proper alignment of the teeth is important for more than just cosmetic reasons. Crooked teeth and misaligned jaws can cause problems eating, as well as pain for the patient. Braces are one of the most common orthodontic treatments to properly align the teeth and jaws. However, some patients wish to avoid braces, whether for cosmetic or financial reasons. If you or your child are in need of braces, there are a couple of alternatives that may be able to straighten your teeth without the need for braces.

Sedation Dentistry And How It Is Administered

Does the thought of having a cavity filled or even getting your teeth cleaned strike fear in your heart? Do the days leading up to a dental procedure make you anxious and irritable? Maybe you should ask your dentist about sedation dentistry. With sedation dentistry, you can actually relax and look forward to having your procedure. Sedation is used to calm patients who experience anxiety or panic when they see their dentist, have extreme dental sensitivity, or have a lengthy procedure scheduled.

3 Potential Complications After A Tooth Extraction – And How A Dental Implant Can Help

A tooth extraction is a necessary evil in cases where a tooth has become too damaged or unstable due to trauma or poor oral healthcare. The extraction process is fairly straightforward but, as with any major dental procedure, can produce some complications afterwards. The complications have a variety of treatments that vary according to the severity and nature of the problem. In one case, the quick addition of a dental implant can help.

Learn About The Causes Of Teeth Sensitivity

Are you finding it more difficult to eat certain foods due to the pain they cause your teeth and gums? Do you find that brushing or flossing your teeth can sometimes cause you to grimace in pain? If so, then you are experiencing sensitive teeth for a reason and the sooner you find out what that reason is, the sooner you can have the problem treated so you can start to eat and care for your teeth in peace again.