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2 Tips To Protect Your Bionator From Cracking

Your upper and lower jaw can grow asymmetrical for a number of reasons. When this happens, you may notice that you have developed an over bite or under bite. When your jaw is not aligned, this prevents your teeth from meeting. This issue may seem trivial, but it can make it difficult to enjoy chewing or speaking without experiencing some issues. Therefore, your dentist can help you to install a bionator. This dental appliance is designed to bring your jaws together. The more often that you wear your dental appliance, the more improvement you will notice. Wearing your dental appliance at all hours can also result in cracks. Cracks are frustrating to repair; therefore, it is important to prevent this damage. Luckily, there are a few tips that you can use to do so.

Avoid Cleaning Your Bionator with Boiling Hot Water

Dental appliances can often accumulate a large amount of buildup from plaque and bacteria. When this happens, you may be tempted to simply soak your dental appliance in a hot water bath. While this may help to remove some of the buildup, it will also damage the dental appliance in the process. The extreme heat from boiling hot water will warp your bionator. As the device warps, it will develop cracks. The cracks can enlarge over time and will make the bionator difficult to use. Therefore, avoid exposing your bionator to extremely hot water to clean your appliance. If you want to clean the device, then you can use a dental cleanser or an antibacterial rinse.

Avoid Biting on Your Bionator

While it may seem like it is impossible to avoid biting your bionator since it is in your mouth, it actually isn't. When the dental appliance is installed, it is designed to fit around your teeth and become a part of your mouth. Therefore, your teeth should not come into contact with the plastic that it is constructed out of. If your bionator is not correctly positioned in your mouth, then it is extremely easy to begin using the dental appliance like a chew toy. However, the force of your bite can actually crack the plastic and bend the wires that are along the front of the device. If you notice that your teeth are catching onto the plastic of the appliance, then take a few seconds to remove the bionator and readjust it.

Your bionator will only last long if it is treated with care. Therefore, use these tips to help prevent cracks and additional damage to your device. Contact a family dentist in your area for more information.