Dentist Teeth Whitening Methods For Stains

Teeth Whitening Tips For Coffee Lovers

Coffee, to many people, is an essential part of each day. If you are a coffee drinker, you might see your teeth becoming stained as a result of your favorite drink, but you may be uninterested in giving it up. What should you do? Use the advice below to handle staining on your teeth from drinking coffee.

Use Some Sodium Bicarbonate

Soda Bicarbonate, more widely known as baking soda, is something you might keep in a kitchen cabinet or in your laundry room. However, you may have also noticed that many toothpastes include baking soda. That's because it has a mild whitening effect on your teeth. Putting a bit of sodium bicarbonate on your toothbrush and brushing with it will erase some of the stains that coffee leaves behind.

Rinse with Oil

For thousands of years, many Indians, as a part of practicing ancient Ayurvedic medical methods, have rinsed their mouths with different kinds of oils. The purpose of rinsing is to keep teeth white and gain other health benefits. Today, people are rediscovering this practice, called "oil pulling." After you enjoy your coffee in the morning, this can be a way to brighten your tooth enamel and avoid staining.

To oil pull, all you have to do is pick an oil and rinse it about inside your mouth for roughly 20 minutes. Many oils are used, so it's up to you to choose from sesame oil, olive oil, coconut oil and many others. When rinsing is done, have a tissue ready to spit into; you don't want to cause problems for your drain because you spit oil into it every day.

Keep a Stash of Drinking Straws

You may not be home or feel like taking time to brush your teeth during the work day, but that doesn't mean you have to avoid coffee after you leave your home in the morning. Buy a bunch of plastic straws and keep a few in your handbag or your desk at work. When it's time for coffee, stick a straw in there and drink it that way. This will make sure that most of your teeth have no contact with the brown liquid, which in turn means there won't be much staining to deal with.

There is no reason to give up coffee for the sake of your smile. The tips here can assist you in maintaining your pearly whites even if you are a caffeine junkie. To be confident that your smile is as bright as possible, talk with your dentist about having regular whitening treatments during your visits. Visit to learn more.