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2 Oral Rinses For Cleaning Your Child's Rapid Palatal Expander

If your child suffers from a malocclusion or a crooked bite, then your dentist may recommend a rapid palatal expander. This orthodontic device is designed to widen your child's upper jaw in order to create a more uniform or seamless fit between their upper and lower teeth. If worn regularly, a rapid palatal expander can be effective in correcting an incorrect bite. However, the device can also attract food and debris. These contaminants are difficult to remove with just a toothbrush, but they need to be removed immediately in order to prevent infection. Fortunately, there are a few oral rinses that you can use to clean your child's rapid palatal expander.

Basil Rinse

Basil is frequently listed as an ingredient in an array of dental care products. The herb is used so often because it contains antibacterial properties. These properties make it an ideal choice for killing off bacteria before they have the chance to spread throughout other areas of your mouth. As a result, the herb can also be used as an effective cleaning solution for your child's rapid palatal expander. In order to create the rinse, begin by soaking a handful of fresh basil in a medium-sized bowl of hot water. Cover the bowl with foil and allow the herb to soak for a few hours. The longer you allow the herb to soak, the more effective the rinse will turn out. Once ready, give the rinse to your child to use. Instruct them to move the rinse around their teeth and dental device. Ensure that they concentrate on the roof of their mouth and around their jaw. 

Buchu Rinse

Buchu is a herb that is commonly sought after because of its antibacterial properties. The herb has the ability to cleanse toxins from infected areas while promoting healing. Buchu rinse can be created using the herb in its dried state. Start by placing a spoonful of the dried buchu herb into a medium sized cup. Pour hot water over the herb and allow it to steep overnight. In the morning, give the rinse to your child to use after they have brushed their teeth. The rinse should be worked around their gum line and teeth for a few minutes before they should rinse it out. Repeat this again to ensure that the palatal expander has been thoroughly cleaned.

A rapid palatal expander that is left uncleaned can cause more damage to your child's teeth. Therefore, give them these rinses to help ensure that heir dental device remains clean.