Pediatric Dental Crowding And Oral Health

If your child has tooth overcrowding, they need to be evaluated by a pediatric dentistry professional as soon as possible. There are varying degrees of crowding, and if your child has mild crowding of the teeth, their oral health status may not be affected. Conversely, if the teeth are overlapping or if your child experiences oral pain, the dentist may need to refer the child to an orthodontist, prosthodontist, or periodontist.

Signs You Need To Visit Your Family Dentist Between Cleanings

If you follow the recommendations of your dentist and visit them twice a year for a checkup and cleanings, then you may be confident you can wait until your next cleaning to have your teeth looked at. However, there are times you need to see the family dentist before your next cleaning, particularly if your checkup isn't for several months. Here are signs you need to give your family dentist a call right away.

What Can Dental Assistants Learn From A Whitening Course?

If you are a dental assistant looking for a continuing education credit or just want to expand your abilities in the dental office, you may be looking at teeth whitening training. Besides learning how to apply the whitening gel, there are lots of other aspects of this training. Here are just a few valuable things you can learn from teeth whitening certification courses. How to Identify Good Candidates for the Procedure

Treat Your Dental Implants Right

Dental implants can be incredibly helpful for those who have had to live with difficult teeth. If you are looking to make your dental implants last, you should consider the way you care for them. Your implants are in it for the long haul. Are you looking for the best way to maintain your implants? These tips will help you take care of your teeth the best way possible. Initially, Don't Touch the Implant