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Family Dentists Can Cover A Child's Oral Health Up Through Adulthood

Taking care of a child's oral health is often a challenging prospect for many parents. It may require finding multiple dentists who understand their child and adapt to their needs as they grow. However, picking and sticking with one family dentist can provide a more consistent experience.

Why Family Dentists Make Sense 

Family dentists are trained to handle general oral health care for all ages, including very young children and older adults. As a result, they can provide a continuum of care for a child as they develop, including through stages like:

  • Pediatric Dental Care: A family dentist can often provide care specifically for a young child, including specialized pediatric treatments that help their baby teeth develop. This kind of service is essential for a young one and can help make their future treatments easier, particularly as they lose all their baby teeth.
  • Transitional Therapy: As a child grows past their baby years, a dentist can help them in many ways. For example, he can help with their first cavities, support their oral care with brushing tips, and ensure that their teeth are growing properly. In this way, they can be prepared for their teen years as they mature.
  • Teen Year Care: For many people, their teen years are the most challenging for dental care. They may need orthopedic care to straighten their teeth or even get their wisdom teeth surgically removed. Working with a family dentist provides consistency of care that they wouldn't receive otherwise.
  • Adult Years: By the time a teen reaches their adult years, all their teeth are likely in place and properly settled. However, they'll still work with their family dentist to take care of common issues, such as cavities later in life, gum infections, and the potential loss of many adult teeth. 

Working with a family dentist through these steps provides a consistency in care that children can't get otherwise. Rather than jumping from one dentist to another who doesn't know them, they'll work with the same dentist for years. In this way, they'll get more high-quality care from someone who truly understands their oral health. 

Working With a Family Dentist 

Families interested in providing this quality care for their children should start as early as possible. Getting a child used to a specific dentist can help make it easier for them to adapt to their oral care as they mature. That can ensure they understand proper oral health care later in life and teach it to their children.