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3 Signs You Need To Call Your Orthodontist

Having braces is an excellent thing and it can go a long way in straightening your teeth and giving you the smile that you have always wanted. However, in order for braces to function as they should, it is important that they are not only put in properly, but well cared for. There are certain things that can happen with your braces that require you to call an orthodontist. Here are three signs that you need to call your orthodontist and have your braces repaired.

A Bracket Comes Off

Each of your brackets is held onto your teeth by a special type of glue. While this glue is very strong, it is still possible for brackets to break off of your teeth. This risk is heightened if you are eating hard or sticky foods and biting directly into them. If a bracket does come off, it will either fall off completely or it will stay stuck to your wire and hang loosely in your mouth. In either case, progress with your braces stops when this happens, and you can even lose progress if you don't go in quickly and have the bracket glued back on.

You Wire Becomes Dislodged

If your wire becomes dislodged from the any of your brackets, it is important that you call an orthodontist as soon as possible.  One reason is that your teeth will stop moving in the direction that you need them to because the wire is no longer connected to the bracket and pulling them in the right direction. Along with this, a loose wire can poke you in the back of your mouth and jab right through your gums. The nice thing about a loose wire is the fact that your orthodontist can generally fix it quite easily, so the appointment will be short and sweet and you can be back on your way to straight teeth.

Your Wire Is Too Long

If the wire in the back of your mouth is too long, then it will cause you a great deal of pain in the back of your mouth. This can cause you to get a bleeding sore in your gums, which could potentially become infected. A wire issue usually occurs right after you get your braces on, or after you go in for an appointment to have your wire tightened.  Thankfully, to have this fixed all you have to do is go in and your orthodontist can clip the wire for you so that it no longer touches the back of your mouth.

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