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You're Approaching the Golden Years ~ Avoid These Dental Health Issues with Proper Oral Care

As people age, they expect their bodies to be prone to the effects of aging. However, some people do not realize that health problems can be exacerbated by poor dental health. The following are a few points to be mindful of.

Cardiovascular Issues

Many individuals who are elderly wear dentures that are not properly cared for. There are others who have gum disease that has not been diagnosed. Both of these situations can contribute to bacteria entering the bloodstream. When this occurs, it can lead to artery walls hardening. Bacteria in the bloodstream can also lead to infections that can travel to the heart and cause complications or death. One serious issue that may arise due to bacteria in the bloodstream is a blockage, which can cause a heart attack.

Respiratory Infection

When teeth and gums are infected, individuals breathe in bacteria-filled air. As a result of aging, many elderly individuals have reduced lung capacity. Some of these individuals smoked in their younger years, and some of them may still be smokers. Either combination of these can wreak havoc on the respiratory system. This may result in pneumonia or another serious respiratory condition that requires hospitalization. 

Neurological Issues

When individuals have bacteria entering their blood due to poor oral health, it is possible for the bacteria to travel to the brain where they can wreak additional havoc. One common issue is dementia due to brain cells getting killed off by bacteria. Bacteria may also negatively impact nerves that are responsible for proper neurological function.

Digestive System Issues

Many elderly individuals wear dentures, but some of them find it difficult to eat with their dentures in. These people may remove their dentures to eat. This might make their meals temporarily more enjoyable, but it is possible that digestive distress can occur as a result of food not being properly chewed. Issues such as acid reflux or overall feeling ill can occur when food is not chewed and properly digested. 

A dentist like those at Persona  Dental is a good resource to use to understand ways that you can protect your health by exercising optimal dental care. They can also identify issues with dental health and make efforts to help you preserve your teeth. If there are denture issues, dentists can address why the prosthetic feels uncomfortable. Sometimes it is a matter of improper fit or denture damage. The age and condition of the dentures might also warrant a replacement to improve comfort.