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Signs You Need To Visit Your Family Dentist Between Cleanings

If you follow the recommendations of your dentist and visit them twice a year for a checkup and cleanings, then you may be confident you can wait until your next cleaning to have your teeth looked at. However, there are times you need to see the family dentist before your next cleaning, particularly if your checkup isn't for several months. Here are signs you need to give your family dentist a call right away.

You taste something bitter or yucky in your gums

Your gums have pockets in them that may harbor bacteria. Sometimes, these pus pockets are so hard to detect that they can only be seen in an X-ray. If you have a bitter-tasting fluid coming out of your gums or your gums are bright red or you have bad breath, call your family dentist and ask them about gum disease. Since many adults have gum disease, it's best to treat the condition as soon as you can, so don't wait until your next scheduled appointment to be seen.

You feel your teeth becoming loose or wiggly

You may not be imaging things if your teeth feel loose or wiggly when you disrupt them. Nearly 180 million people have at least one missing tooth — often attributed to gum disease — and prevention is key to keeping your smile strong. If you feel like your teeth are becoming looser or your gum line appears lower (your teeth may appear "longer" as well), ask your dentist if you can be given a sooner appointment so you can have your tooth issues addressed.

You feel pain in one part of your mouth

Pain in an isolated part of your mouth may be an indicator of nerve damage or dental disease and should be given attention by your dentist right away. If you have been experiencing pain in your mouth and then suddenly the pain is gone, you may have a damaged tooth that has died or had nerves die, which can lead to a decaying or rotten tooth.

See your dentist right away not just because your dental pain is severe, but because any decay in your mouth can cause damage to all your teeth. You want to have the painful area examined and affected teeth removed, repaired, or otherwise treated so you can have relief. If you have a dental emergency, call your family dentist for an immediate appointment. Your dentist will use the information you provide them over the phone to determine if you have a dental emergency or if your needs can wait.

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