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3 Things To Know If You Chip Your Tooth

Chipping a tooth is not a good event to go through, yet it is something that is actually quite common. As hard as teeth are, they can still chip if you eat the wrong thing or get knocked in the face with something hard. While you might be able to live with a chipped tooth, it is better to get the tooth fixed, and here are a few things you should understand about chipped teeth.

You should always have a dentist examine it

No matter what caused the tooth to chip, it is always imperative to visit a dentist after it happens. Having a dentist look at it is a great way to make sure that the tooth does not have any other damage, and visiting a dentist can also help you learn more about the problems and risks you may have with this tooth now that it is chipped. During your visit, you can also learn more about the treatment options for the tooth and the costs involved.

Untreated chips in teeth can lead to problems

Leaving a chipped tooth untreated will not only look bad, as people will see it, but it can also lead to further problems. The part of your tooth that chipped off is an important part of your tooth. Without this part, your tooth might not be as strong and may not have enough protection. If the chip is big enough and you do not treat it, bacteria can get inside the tooth and work towards the roots of the tooth. If this happens, you will end up with an infection that will require a root canal procedure. Additionally, when a tooth is chipped, it can be sharp, and the pointy part of the tooth might cut into your gums or tongue, leaving you with open wounds in your mouth.

The treatment options for a chipped tooth

There are two main methods used for fixing and treating chipped teeth. The first is through the use of a filling. Your dentist might be able to place filling material in the tooth and then polish it down to smooth it out. The other option is to cover the tooth with a veneer or crown, depending on which tooth it is.

If you currently have a chipped tooth and have not visited a dentist yet, you should go soon. If you wait too long, you may cause other types of damage or problems in your mouth, and you can avoid this by visiting a dentist for treatment of your chipped tooth.

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