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Is Cosmetic Dentistry Right For You?

You don't want to get braces, but you do want to do something about your smile. You want a more even, attractive grin, and cosmetic dentistry may be a solution you can consider. Do you need cosmetic dentistry? Ask your dentist for recommendations at your next checkup and use this guide to assist you.

You have extra funds

Most cosmetic procedures, including those done in dental practices, are not covered by insurance unless there is a medical need as well for these procedures to get done. If you have money to spend on cosmetic dentistry from your tax return or from savings, then talk to your dentist about having work done. You can even set up a payment plan with a down payment if you have more extensive work done, such as dental implants, crowns, or other pricier dental work. 

You have realistic expectations

Getting dental work done for cosmetic reasons will improve your smile, but you cannot completely change the way you look just by getting your teeth worked on. However, you can make your face appear more youthful when you have a younger-looking, healthier smile.

If you have missing teeth, jagged tooth edges, yellowed teeth, or other issues with your smile that you want to get repaired, make sure you understand the way the procedure will work and what your results will look like. In short, if you have other issues with your face and think dental work will fix everything, you want to talk to your dentist to see in what ways changing your smile will actually improve your appearance.

You have other dental needs

If you have other dental work that needs to get done, such as new crowns or having wisdom teeth removed, talk to your dentist about what minor cosmetic procedures can be done at the same time as other dental work is being performed. This way, you save on having to schedule another appointment and can get more work done at once, which can be easier on your recovery time.

If you have major dental work that needs to be done, this should be considered a priority over cosmetic procedures. Your dentist will let you know what dental treatments should be performed on your teeth before you get any cosmetic work done so you can have a healthy and more attractive smile at the same time. Schedule a consult with a cosmetic dentist to learn more about cosmetic treatment options for you.