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Emergency Dental Sedation For Kids: What You Need To Know

Dental emergencies can be a scary experience for anyone. For kids, the experience can be traumatizing. To help make everything easier, the dentist may ask you if you would like dental sedation during an emergency. When kids are scared, it is difficult for the dentist to easily see inside the mouth and determine where the problem exists. The child needs to stay calm and still, so sedation is an option to consider. However, many parents are on the fence. The following are some things to keep in mind:

Know What to Expect

First, feel free to ask as many questions as you want about the procedure. It is natural to be nervous, so arming yourself with plenty of information is ideal. If your child is older, let him or her know what is going to happen so they will not be surprised. Just use simple words to tell the child he or she will be asleep for a few minutes while the doctor takes care of the problem. Also, emphasize that there will be no pain felt during the procedure.

Comfort Your Child

Above all, take steps to keep your child comfortable during a sedated procedure. Your child will still be somewhat drowsy once the procedure is over. Try to dress your child in comfortable clothing if you have time to do so beforehand. Also, allow your child to bring his or her favorite comfort item, such as a stuffed animal or a blanket. Once you get home, get your child's bed ready to get into so it is ready to sleep in. You may also want to have some of your child's favorite soups or light foods on hand when he or she wakes up, depending on whether or not the child can eat right away.

Do Not Bring Other Kids

If you have other children, leave them home or with a sitter when you take your child in for an emergency dental sedation if possible. You and your child will be anxious, and you need to put all your focus on what is going on rather than taking care of other children at the same time.

After you get home from the procedure, make sure you can sit and keep an eye on your child for several hours. It is normal to be dizzy and tired immediately afterward as the sedation wears off. If you see any odd behavior, like slow breathing or if your child does not wake up within a few hours, go to the emergency room right away.