Dentist Teeth Whitening Methods For Stains

Three Answers To Know About Dental Veneers

The quality and condition of your smile will be important for ensuring that you look your best. Unfortunately, there are dental patients that may not have a full understanding of the different procedures that they can have done to restore and improve the appearance of their smiles. In particular, it is easy for patients to be uninformed when it concerns dental veneers.

1. What Are The Reasons For Getting Veneers?

A dental veneer can be an effective solution for restoring the appearance of teeth that have been damaged as a result of cracking or chipping. Dental veneers are essentially thin pieces of porcelain or composite materials that can be placed over the damaged teeth. This will allow these damages to be repaired without needing to extract the tooth can replace it with an implant or bridge. In addition to having veneers placed when your teeth have structural damage, it may also be beneficial for patients that have suffered extensive staining of their teeth that is too deep to address with conventional whitening treatments.

2. Will Getting Veneers Be Painful?

Patients will often be under the impression that getting dental veneers will be an exceedingly painful procedure to undergo. However, most patients will find that the discomfort from this procedure is far less than what they were anticipating. During the course of having the veneers placed, the dentist will need to remove thin layers of enamel from the teeth. This part of the process will cause mild discomfort in the patient. A local anesthetic may be administered to further reduce the discomfort of the patient. This is usually sufficient to numb the patient enough to where this part of the process will feel like little more than pressure and vibrations on their teeth. After this procedure, the teeth may temporarily become tender as the anesthesia wears off.

3. Are Veneers A Permanent Change To Your Smile?

The placement of veneers will largely be a permanent change to your mouth. This is due to the fact that the teeth will need to have enamel removed to accommodate the veneers. For this reason, patients should make sure that they are committed to the idea of having this upgrade done. In the event that you decide that you no longer wish the wear the veneers in the future, it will be necessary to undergo extensive tooth bonding to restore the teeth to their original size. In addition to being a very time-consuming type of dental work to have done, it can also be relatively costly.

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