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4 Reasons Why You Should Keep An Emergency Dentist's Number In Your Phone

If you already have a dentist of choice that you see on a regular basis, you probably don't think there's any need to keep a second one around. However, keeping the phone number for an emergency dentist saved in your phone book can be very helpful in times of crisis. Saving a phone number means you don't have to frantically search for a nearby dentist that's open and has a good reputation. Read on to learn four reasons why you might suddenly need an emergency dentist.

Knocked-Out Teeth

Teeth can be knocked out in a lot of different traumas, from car accidents to fights. It's so common that the American Association of Endodontics estimates that five million teeth are knocked out per year. If your tooth is knocked out, the good news is that knocked out teeth can generally be restored. However, it's all dependent on how much time you take.

The AAE estimates that knocked out teeth can be restored if you get dental help within 30 minutes, or at the very latest, an hour. That doesn't leave much time for finding and researching emergency dentists, so having the number of one you trust at your fingertips is a good idea.

Lost Crown

In some instances, lost crowns can be temporarily patched up by the person who lost them, and they can wait to see a dentist. However, if part of the tooth broke off and is inside the crown or there's a metal peg sticking out of your tooth, you'll need to see someone right away to have the crown replaced.


Abscesses are an extreme form of infection that can happen to your gums or the roots of your teeth. While mild dental infections generally don't require emergency dental help, abscesses are extremely dangerous. Not only could you potentially lose your tooth from an abscess, but this type of infection can potentially spread to the bloodstream and infect other areas of your body, like your organs.

Partially-Dislodged Teeth

While knocked out teeth can be fixed, partially dislodged teeth can be an even bigger problem. If your tooth was only partially knocked out and is still partially connected to your gums, you may not be able to fully close your mouth or rest your jaw, as it could put pressure on the tooth and force it fully out. This kind of trauma can occur suddenly, like in a fall or a car crash, so you may experience some shock after undergoing the injury. Have a phone number on hand so you don't have to try and search for medical help while you're dazed.

Even if you have a dentist that you already like and visit regularly, keeping a second one within reach can't hurt. If you ever find yourself in one of these four situations, you'll be ready to get the help you need immediately. To learn more, contact a company like Family First Dentistry LLC.