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Know What To Do If Your Tooth Gets Knocked Out

There are certain times in your life when losing a tooth is a good thing. However, when you are an adult, having a tooth get knocked out isn't such a good thing. You aren't a shark with a new tooth just waiting there to pop into place. Luckily, it is very possible to save that tooth so that it can go right back to where it belongs. There are few things that you can do to make sure that your dentist can get your tooth back in as soon as possible. 

Handle the Tooth Carefully

When you pick up the tooth, you want to make sure that you pick it up by the biting end. You never want to handle the root. You can damage the root if you aren't careful and you handle it too roughly. If the root is damaged, your dentist will probably not be able to get the tooth back in. 

Rinse the Tooth Off

You want to very gently rinse the tooth off under some cool water. You don't want to brush at it or scrub it. Just let a gentle stream of water run over it. You are looking to just rinse off any dirt. If there is any tissue left on the tooth, you want to leave that alone. Just get the dirt off. 

Try Putting It Back

Once you have rinsed it off, the next thing you want to do is to see if you can get it back into its spot. Don't try to force it, just gently try to replace it in the socket. The best place to put your tooth while you are waiting to see your dentist is back in its socket. That's because the mouth is your tooth's native environment and putting the tooth back where it belongs gives it a better chance to heal. 

Store It Properly

If you can't put your tooth back in your mouth, you need to make sure that it's stored properly. You need to keep it moist. The best way to do that is to pour a little bit of milk into a glass and put the tooth in the milk. You just want to have enough milk to cover the tooth completely. Another liquid you can store your tooth in is saliva, preferably your own. Milk is just easier to get in the amount that you will need to cover the tooth. 

Call the Dentist

Call your dentist immediately. Having a tooth knocked out is really an urgent situation. The sooner the tooth gets put back where it goes, the better the chance that it will heal and reattach itself to your mouth. 

Losing a tooth as an adult isn't generally considered pleasant. However, there are things that you can do so that you keep your tooth and get it to heal correctly. 

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