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7 Tips To Follow When You Wear Braces

If you are new to wearing braces, you want to educate yourself on the things you shouldn't do when you are wearing them. Doing the wrong things when you have braces on your teeth can cause you to experience unnecessary pain and it can also end up causing damage to your braces. When you wear braces, you want to make sure that you avoid doing the following 7 things:

1: Do not use your teeth for anything other than eating, especially when you have braces on. Using your teeth to open packages or chew on pens can cause the wires and brackets of your braces to become broken or damaged.

2: Don't use regular dental floss. Using regular floss is awkward to use and can get tangled in the braces. Instead, use a floss pic that's designed in a manner that makes it easy to navigate around the brackets and wires of the braces.

3: Don't chew very hard foods. It's best if you can eliminate very hard foods from your diet until you have your braces taken off. The harder the food that you eat, the bigger the chance of the wires becoming broken.

4: Don't bite your fingernails. A lot of people have the bad habit of biting their fingernails. However, when you wear braces you run the added risk of having slivers of nails getting caught in the wires and bands.

5: Don't eat any sticky foods. Foods like taffy and gum are very bad for you to eat when you are wearing braces. These foods will get stuck in your braces and will be extremely hard for you to get out.

6: Don't reschedule your orthodontic appointments. When you have braces on, you will need to go to your dentist to have them tightened. Each time they are tightened, you will be one step closer to being done with the treatment and having straighter teeth. Prolonging your appointments will mean wearing the braces longer than necessary.

7: Don't forget to brush after you eat, even if it is only a small snack while on the go. For this reason, it's important for you to carry a travel tooth brushing kit with you. Food particles can easily get trapped in your braces and lead to plaque buildup and cavities.

Follow the 7 tips in this article and you will have an easier time wearing braces and help ensure that you get out of them sooner. For more information, contact a professional like those at Image Dentistry.