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Steps To Take If Your Toddler Chips Or Cracks A Tooth

Toddlers are amazing little people who are full of energy and can often be found running and playing all day long. But the exuberance and lack of fear that many toddlers display can result in accidents or falls that can damage the mouth. As a parent, it can be very stressful to pick up your child after a fall and see blood and a chipped or cracked front tooth. If your toddler chips or cracks a tooth, take the following steps:

Stay Calm

A fall or accident resulting in a bloody mouth and damaged tooth can be very traumatic and upsetting for a toddler who may not understand what is going on. If your child sees you panicking, that can just make the situation worse and it will be more difficult to calm him or her down so you can examine his or her mouth and take first aid measures.

Immediately Contact Your Child's Dentist

In most cases, a chipped tooth is not serious and your child's dentist can repair the damage in his or her office. But depending on how the tooth was hit, it is possible that the root of the tooth was damaged, which can cause the tooth to die and eventually become black in color. A chip or crack may also extend into the gums, which can lead to a nasty infection. It is usually not possible for a parent to determine whether or not the root of the tooth was damaged or whether the tooth is cracked or chipped inside the gums just by looking at the mouth after an accident, so it is essential for your child to see the dentist as quickly as possible for an exam and assessment. Prompt dental care can be the difference between a full recovery and a number of future dental problems.

Rinse Your Child's Mouth

Oral tissue can bleed quite a bit when damaged, so rinse your child's mouth several times with water. This will clear out some of the blood and make it easier for you to determine the full extent of any damage done to teeth. If the gums continue to bleed, place a piece of clean gauze in the mouth to help stop the bleeding.

Make a Cold Compress

When there is trauma to a toddler's mouth, it is very common for the whole area to swell up. You can help control the swelling by placing a cold compress over the area. You can also ask your kid's dentist about administering acetaminophen or ibuprofen  to help with the pain and inflammation of the gums and lips.