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3 Pros Of Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Out While Remaining Conscious

While a lot of people opt to get their wisdom teeth taken out when they are put under a sedative or local oral anesthesia, you also have the option of having your wisdom teeth removed while you are conscious. This article will discuss 3 pros of getting your wisdom teeth out while remaining conscious. 

You Are Aware Of What Is Going On

Some people struggle with the thought of being put under and having no idea of what is going on. This isn't an issue at all if you are kept conscious during your wisdom teeth removal because you will know exactly what is going on. You will be able to ask questions when you have them, and you can tell the dentist if you are feeling any pain at all. You can be placed on a nitrous oxide or "laughing gas" during the procedure in order to calm you down, but this won't alter your consciousness. It will simply make you feel more comfortable with the procedure, especially if you are anxious about it.

You Are Completely Numbed

Even though you are conscious during the procedure, you will not feel a thing because your mouth will be completely numbed before the procedure begins. To numb your gums, the dentist will first use numbing gel on a Q-tip. Once this numbing gel has started working, the dentist will then use a needle to place a stronger numbing solution into your gums. This will numb your entire mouth and relieve you from any pain during the procedure. And to be 100% sure that you don't feel anything, your dentist will touch several areas of your gums, and have you respond if you can feel him touching them. During the procedure the most you will feel is going to be pressure, but you shouldn't feel any pain at all.

It Is Often Less Expensive

Because you don't have to pay the surgeon to put you under a sedative or local oral anesthesia, getting your wisdom teeth out while remaining conscious is often much cheaper. You will only be paying the dentist for the teeth removal, and at most you will be paying for the nitrous oxide that is being used. Since many insurance companies do not pay for wisdom teeth removal, the cost is often going to be a big consideration for most people.

Staying awake while getting your wisdom teeth out is a great option because you will likely save money, you can be aware of what is going on without worrying about it, and you won't feel any pain at all thanks to the numbing solution. Contact an oral surgeon like Miller Kenneth G if you have any questions about this.