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Why Your Dental Hygiene Is More Important Than Your Diet

If it seems like you have weak teeth, you may be tempted to change your diet to reduce the chance that your teeth will decay. While a change in the foods you eat can affect how strong your teeth are and how susceptible they are to damage, it's for a different reason than you're probably thinking. Practicing good dental hygiene is the best way to protect your teeth; so long as you keep that up, you have a lot more freedom with what and how you eat.

Everything Causes Cavities

Before you cut too much sugar out of your diet, you should know that more than just sugar is responsible for the type of decay that leads to cavities. Foods themselves don't cause any problems; it's the combination of the acids from your food and the bacteria in your mouth that end up causing decay. This doesn't mean that you have to stop eating everything, however. If these acids and bacteria don't stay on your teeth long enough, they won't be able to do damage regardless of where they came from.

It's also important to note the distinction between acids and bacteria, because they do not act the same way. Acids do not cause decay directly. Instead, acids are responsible for breaking down your teeth's enamel, which is the protective layer, and exposing the dentin and roots underneath. Once those parts are exposed, the bacteria in your mouth, if allowed to stay on your teeth, causes the decay.

Quantity Doesn't Matter

Whether you eat one chocolate bar or ten, the effects on your dental health will end up mostly the same as long as you take care to clean your teeth after you are finished eating. So if you're home or somewhere you have access to a toothbrush and toothpaste, don't limit yourself based on tooth concerns alone. Just make sure you brush and floss properly.

With that in mind, wait an hour after you are done eating before brushing your teeth. This gives your saliva time to strengthen the enamel on your teeth that was weakened by the acids in the foods you just ate. Brushing right after you eat means scrubbing weakened teeth, which isn't good for them.

Color Doesn't Indicate Health

Some of the foods you eat can end up staining your teeth, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. If your teeth aren't pearly white, this isn't an indicator that your teeth are in bad shape; likewise, having white teeth doesn't mean you're in perfect health either. What is important is the cleanliness and strength of your teeth. If you want to change your diet in any way to help your teeth, make sure you're getting enough Vitamin C. Otherwise, don't be afraid of a little yellow. If you brush and floss regularly and see a dentist for checkups, you're doing just fine. For more information about dental care, contact a clinic like Delta Oaks Dental Care.