Dentist Teeth Whitening Methods For Stains

How To Have A Winning Smile: Oral Health Maintenance Tips

Your smile can help you make a great first impression.  In fact, when meeting someone new, over 50 percent of people say they notice a person's smile first.  Likewise, 69% of people say a smile does more for a woman's appearance than when she wears makeup.  Here are a few tips on how to have a winning smile.  

Whiten and Brighten

White teeth help you look younger and also improve your confidence.  For dramatic results, professional whitening products are a great option.  These in-office bleaching solutions contain 15% to 43% peroxide.  Whitening your teeth at the dentist's office will typically reveal the most significant results.  In fact, this type of cosmetic dentistry can lighten your pearly whites three to eight shades.

If you're looking for a DIY recipe for whiter teeth, try mixing one teaspoon of both baking soda and hydrogen peroxide with half a teaspoon of water along with a little bit of toothpaste.  Brush your teeth with this mixture once a week until you have achieved a whiter smile.  Then, complete the process only once a month.

Watch What You Eat and Drink

To prevent your teeth from yellowing, stay away from coffee, marinara sauce, and red wine.  After all, if it leaves a stain on your cup or dish, it will likely do the same to your teeth.  Furthermore, due to phosphoric acid, carbonated sodas will eventually erode your teeth.  Thus, if you must sip a soda, you should do so through a straw.

Leave it To the Professionals

Crooked or chipped teeth can put a damper on your smile.  A professional can provide you with options to improve your teeth.  To straighten teeth, braces are usually worn between 12 and 24 months.  If you have mild spacing problems, another option is clear orthodontic aligners.  This option features removable trays that can be taken out so you can eat or brush your teeth more easily.  

If you've broken or chipped your tooth, you'll want to see a dentist as soon as possible.  To fix the tooth, it's likely the dentist will use a technique called bonding to make it look whole again.  After adhering and shaping the bonding substance, your dentist will use a ultraviolet light to harden the material.  To make it look as natural as possible, the bonding material will be matched to your original tooth.

Practice Makes Perfect

Researchers say there are 19 types of smiles.  However, not all smiles are created equal.  Gentle smiles are more visually appealing.  If you're not sure how you look when you flash your pearly whites, a selfie or two will help you practice until you find your perfect grin.  To have a more photogenic smile, try placing your tongue behind your teeth.  This will help your smile look more natural.  

So, what are you waiting for?  Start smiling more today.