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Healthy Gums: 4 Things To Avoid To Prevent Gum Disease

You listen to your dentist, and you take care of your teeth as instructed to prevent gum disease. But are you doing everything you can? The following are 4 things that should be avoided to prevent gum disease.

1. Stress

As you may know, stress affects your immune system. This vital system protects and fights against many pathogens that try to harm your body, and it also fights any oral pathogens that get in your mouth. When you are stressed, your body reacts as if you are experiencing a trauma. So it releases hormones to help you deal with the event.

But it is only meant to do this in emergency situations (such as when a bear is charging at you). When you are constantly stressed out, the body continues to release these 'emergency only' hormones. The overabundance of these hormones leaves your immune system depressed, leaving you vulnerable to infections, including gum disease. The following are a few ways that you can relax yourself:

  • Try Music Therapy
  • Laugh More
  • Drink Black Tea

2. Alcohol

This substance is too acidic and can irritate your gum tissue. The gum tissue becomes weak and susceptible to gingivitis-causing bacteria.

Yet alcohol does not stop there, as it also dehydrates your mouth. A dehydrated mouth with no saliva is the perfect environment for bacterial growth and plaque formation. Alcohol will also shock the immune system, which you need to fight off any bacterial attacks on your gums. So limit your alcohol intake to decease this negative effect.

3.  Cigarettes

Cigarettes have a detrimental effect on your gums. The reason is that smoke reduces the amount of saliva that your mouth can produce. And, as you know, saliva is your primary defense against periodontal disease. Another reason that cigarettes are bad for you is because the fire and smoke changes the blood vessels in your oral cavity. The changes make it harder for your body to transport vitamins and the defensive cells your gums need to fight off gingivitis. 

4. Popcorn

Popcorn can cause an infection that may lead to gum disease simply because of the husks. The husks from the popcorn may find their way in between you teeth and gums. The irritation could weaken your gums, just like alcohol. But the remains of popcorn can easily get stuck in your teeth, leading to plaque. And, as your dentist may tell you, plaque is a precursor of gum disease. 

As you can see, you can help your dentist in your battle against gum disease by avoiding or limiting the aforementioned. And, as always, make sure you do not forget your regular checkups.